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The most recent baking adventures of Deanna's Delights are posted above! 


Want the bakery taste but can't afford the bakery price?  Deanna's Delights offers the professionalism of a bakery at very affordable prices.  All of our items are completely homemade and made fresh.  Each item is carefully crafted and stored for guaranteed freshness upon ordering.  

Deanna is saving up to earn a certificate in Baking and Pastry through the Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy.  If you would like to help this dream become a reality, please donate through PayPal below or by clicking here.  It would be greatly appreciated.  

About the Baker 

Deanna Voss is the baker behind Deanna's Delights.  She graduated from Carthage College in 2014,. Deanna has been teaching elementary music in Glen Ellyn, IL.. Deanna has been baking as long as she can remember.   Her goal is to eventually get certified in baking and the pastry arts, and to make Deanna's Delights a household name and full retail bakery. 

Deanna is known for making decorated sugar cookies, especially for high profile hospital events, weddings, churches, and personal parties.  Other specialties include, pastry, cakes, and cupcakes.   

Deanna stays up to date with the latest trends in cookie decorating and baking, always researches and experiments with recipes, and loves creating new delicious treats for everyone to enjoy.  

Links to the Deanna's Delights Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are below.  Feel free to follow and join Deanna's Baking Adventure. at #Deannasdelights  

About Us

Deanna's Delights specializes in decorated sugar cookies and baked goods of all kinds.  Take a look at the products section to see the wide selection of products we make! 

We are based in Des Plaines, IL.  Orders are currently only being accepted via email or phone call.  Visit the "Contact" tab for more information.  Delivery and Shipping rates will be added to orders as necessary.